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Universidad de la Laguna

ULL: The Inorganic Chemistry department in La Laguna (ULL) may be catalogued as one of the best-equipped labs in Spain in inorganic synthesis and electrochemical characterisation. The Nano and Microengineering of Materials Group involved in the Cell3Ditor project, has a track record in SOFC technology and materials engineering and they specialise in the development and testing of new fuel cell materials and also in the production of hierarchachical structures for energy applications. From 2010, they have been actively working on microstructural engineering of ceramics by different methods, including 3D printing. Currently, ULL is coordinating a national project called R3DES (Reliable 3D Printed Energy Systems, ENE2013-47826-C4-3-R) involving 7 partners (including IREC) devoted to the fabrication of ceramic devices for energy applications by ceramic 3D printing (SLA and powder-bed inkjet printing).

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