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Promethean Particles LTD

The nanodispersions to be employed for inkjet printing will be mainly developed by Promethean Particles (PROM) and DTU. Promethean Particles is a UK-based SME that designs and develops inorganic nanomaterials in liquid dispersions. The company is based on a patented reactor that allowed truly continuous hydrothermal synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles for the first time (patent WO2005077505). Their unique production process perfectly matches the Cell3Ditor project requirements since it allows them to tailor the nanoparticles to get the best functionality for an end use application. PROM is a participant in FP7 project POINTS (Printable Organic-Inorganic Transparent Semiconductor Devices, GA# 263042 FP7-NMP-2010-SMALL-4) in which a range of inorganic semiconductor and dielectric materials have been synthesised which have shown promising performance in fully printed thin-film transistor (TFT) devices. In particular an indium zinc oxide (IZO) nanoparticle-based ink has been developed and formulated by PROM and this material has been demonstrated at the lab-scale to show excellent film-forming properties and inkjet printability. Later in the project PROM intends to show that it is possible to scale-up this synthesis route to generate pilot-scale batches of IZO ink. This prior experience will be a solid background for delivering successful materials into the Cell3Ditor project.