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3DCeram: The development of the 3D printer and SLA slurries for the Cell3Ditor project will be headed by 3DCeram. 3DCeram is a SME based on Limoges, France. The company capitalizes on the many possibilities offered by laser stereolithography applied to ceramics, a proprietary technology. 3DCeram has been manufacturing ceramic parts with SLA since 2005 (around 10 000 parts per year). In 2011, the company developed its own printer technology, which started selling in 2014. 3DCeram has participated in different research and industrial projects to develop SLA processing for the fabrication of heat exchangers for Air Liquide or complex structure and wash coats of PAACS catalyst. Recently, 3DCeram work on the Rapid project (French army) to couple ceramic 3D printing and ink deposit. This strong background on manufacturing and slurry formulation together with recent innovation actions in the line of hybridize their machine will be remarkable inputs to feed into the Cell3Ditor project.