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Francisco Albero, S.A.

FAE: The expertise of FAE in industrial processing of devices based on advanced ceramics will be crucial for a proper post-processing of the 3D printed objects as well as for better understanding the benefits of this new manufacturing technology. Francisco Albero SA (FAE) is a SME based on Barcelona, Spain, dedicated to design and manufacture electrical and electronic products for the automotive market. FAE has been developing multilayer ceramics since 1998, and has facilities for sintering of specific designs for each application. Among other ceramic-based products, FAE manufactures oxygen lambda sensors fully developed in house. This highly complex multi-layer product was introduced in the market in 2009 after ten years of R&D activity. In the last years, FAE has been actively participating in different research projects for developing devices based on advanced ceramics for the energy sector. In particular, the projects DESATA2 (industrial contract) for fabricating electrolysis cells or SCAPE (EUREKA program) for scaling up the fabrication of solid oxide fuel cells, carried out together with IREC, represent a strong background for the Cell3Ditor.