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Two invited talks at the 7th International Congress on Ceramics (ICC7)

Marc Torrell and Massimo Rosa, members of the research team for the Cell3Ditor project at IREC and DTU, respectively, presented as invited speakers at the 7th International Congress on Ceramics held in Foz do Iguaçú (Brazil), 17-21 June 2018. M.Torrell presented the goals and scope of the project while M. Rosa showed results on the fabrication os nano-inks for inkjet printing. Click here for more info.

The ICC7 follows a sequence of successful ICCs Toronto (Canada, 2006), Verona (Italy, 2008), Osaka (Japan, 2010), Chicago (USA, 2012), Beijing (China, 2014), and Dresden (Germany 2016). It is an international highlevel platform for gathering researchers and students in the ceramics field to discuss the scientific progress in all R&D areas of conventional and modern synthesis, processing and applications of ceramics.

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Foz do Iguaçú, Brazil