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Keynote talk at the Ceramics Expo 2018

Albert Tarancón, the coordinator of the Cell3Ditor project, will present as keynote speaker the goals and scope of the project at the next edition of the Ceramics Expo to be held in Cleveland, Ohio (USA), 1-3 May 2018. Click here for more info.

Conference @ Ceramics Expo has established itself as the supply chain exhibition and conference in North America for the advanced ceramics and glass industries. Last year, the show had over 3000 visitors and over 300 exhibitors. The conference drew in over 600 delegates, with a two track conference focussing on application and manufacturing trends, challenges and opportunities.

The project Cell3Ditor will be presented in the session "Track 2: Additive Manufacturing" on Thursday, May 3, at 11:30 AM under the title of "Developing Multi-Ceramics 3D Printing Technology for the Industrial Production of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells"

The abstract of the presentation is the following: 

A Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) is a ceramic-based multilayer device able to efficiently generate power from gas. SOFC currently involves expensive and time-consuming multi-step manufacturing processes including tape casting, screen printing, firing, shaping and several high-temperature thermal treatments together with manual assembly steps. This complex design for manufacturing lead to long production time and time-to-market, high capital cost and low reliability.

The Cell3ditor EU project (www.cell3ditor.eu) aims at developing a 3D printing process for mass production of monolithic SOFC stacks without joints and sealing. Within the project a multi material 3D printer has been developed to enable mass production of the whole SOFC stacks in a single printing step. This printer combines stereolithography and micro-extrusion printing in a single machine for a sequential application of different materials during the printing process.

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Cleveland, Ohio (USA)