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D1.1 - Overall Project Concept and Initial Technical Specifications

The Cell3ditor project aims at developing 3D printing for mass production of monolithic SOFC stacks reducing manufacturing complexity and increasing cost effectiveness. This deliverable defines the initial specification for stack design and materials, as well as for the printing process and the characterisation of intermediate and final pieces produced.

A multi material 3D printer will be developed to enable the production of a whole SOFC stack in a single manufacturing step. State of the art materials will be used and inks and slurries will be optimised for printing to reach the required thicknesses, gas tightness, porosity and reactivity of the respective layers. Samples of intermediate production steps will be thoroughly characterised throughout the project to assure optimal performance. 3D printing of SOFC allows for greater flexibility in stack design. Therefore a CFD model will be developed to explore optimal stack configuration.

A table at the end of the deliverable summarises the initial specifications for the stack and each intermediate step.